The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins Review

22557272Recommended for: anyone wanting a truly thrilling book

Read from August 02 to 11, 2015


Spoiler Review here


Okay, wow, this book was very strange. I had high expectations because of the comparisons to Gone Girl and I honestly didn’t like that I went into it knowing it would be similar. It kind of took away from some of the big things that happened in this novel.

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Vicious by Sara Shepard Review

20958250(This is the 16th book in the Pretty Little Liars series)

Recommended for: all lovers of the Pretty Little Liars series

Read from January 05 to February 14, 2015


Spoiler Review here



I can’t believe my favorite book series is over.

This book was a very emotional journey. I don’t even know where to begin. I love love love the Liars. Vicious was amazing. Sara Shepard pushed the limits at some parts, and I must say I love her for doing so. She had my heart pounding, tears forming in my eyes. I don’t know how she was able to do it after fifteen books, but she still shocked me.

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Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard Review

(Book 2 in The Lying Game series)
Recommended for: lovers of mystery and murder, and fans of Pretty Little Liars
Read from December 17 to 29, 2014


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I am always so captivated by Sara Shepard’s writing. I forgot how much I love this series! I read The Lying Game back in March of 2013, so it was a little rough for me in the beginning of this book because I had forgotten most of the first book’s events. But I’m so glad I chose to continue the series because I just really love Sutton and Emma’s story! It’s so fun to follow Emma in her investigation. (I would even go as far to say I’m starting to like this series more than Pretty Little Liars, but those books will always hold a special place in my heart.)

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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Review

19288043Recommended for:  lovers of mystery and thriller!!!!
Read from September 02 to October 01, 2014


Spoiler Review here


4.8 Stars


Oh my goodness.

So let me start off this review saying I originally had no intentions of reading Gone Girl. My movie-obsessed brother showed me the movie adaptation trailer multiple times and every time I would continue to say how creepy the movie looked and how I would never read the book/see the movie. But, oh my, I’m glad I chose to read the book!

I usually only ever read young adult novels, so because Gone Girl is an adult novel, it was very out of my comfort zone. But I couldn’t just stop reading it once I started! First of all, the book starts off like this:

When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. The shape of it, to begin with. The very first time I saw her, it was the back of the head I saw, and there was something lovely about it, the angles of it. Like a shiny, hard corn kernel or a riverbed fossil. She had what the Victorians would call a finely shaped head. You could imagine the skull quite easily.
I’d know her head anywhere. (page 3)

Um, talk about the most unusual beginning of a book I’ve ever read! Gillian Flynn had me intrigued.

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Flashback Friday: The Dollhouse Murders (#2)


Flashback Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies where you highlight a book from your reading past.

This week for Flashback Friday I have chosen “The Dollhouse Murders” by Betty Ren Wright.


Published: January 1st 1948


Twelve-year-old Amy is having difficulties at home being responsible for her brain-damaged sister, Louann. While visiting her Aunt Clare at the old family home, she discovers an eerily-haunted dollhouse in the attic-an exact replica of the family home. Whenever she sees it, the dolls, representing her relatives, have moved. Her aunt won’t listen to Amy’s claims that the dolls are trying to tell her something. This leads Amy to research old news reports where she discovers a family secret-the murder of her grandparents. The two sisters unravel the mystery. Amy grows to accept her sister and to understand that Louann is more capable than she had first thought. (from GoodReads)

This book was read to me by my fifth grade teacher back in 2008, but since it was near the end of the school year she wasn’t able to finish reading it to us so of course I checked it out from my library! I have never been a fan of horror books, but this novel is so intriguing! It’s full of mystery as well and really makes you look at dollhouses in a different way… I actually reread this novel a year ago to my sister and realized just how creepy some parts of the story are. I definitely recommend this book to those who are interested in mystery and some horror!

Have you read The Dollhouse Murders?