Shakespeare: 400 Years

Today is April 23, 2016, AKA 400 years since William Shakespeare died. I don’t know about you, but I think this is a big deal. So far I have only read two plays by Shakespeare (Macbeth and Hamlet) and I love his writing. Many people my age dislike having to read his work in literature classes and discussing what their underlying meanings are. However, I fell in love with Shakespeare’s writing when reading Hamlet in my British Literature class last year. Maybe it was my teacher’s enthusiasm when it came to reading Hamlet, or maybe it was watching Kenneth Branagh’s 1996 film, but I couldn’t get enough.

So, knowing it has been 400 years since Shakespeare passed away feels like a big deal to me. Therefore I decided I’d share some of my favorite quotes from him and his plays, so you can understand why I love his writing, specifically Hamlet. Continue reading


Hamlet by William Shakespeare Review

1434Recommended for: anyone looking for a good play full of revenge and humor (and tragedy…)

Read from January 22 to February 17, 2015


Spoiler Review here



I really liked this play. It is chock-full of witty and humorous remarks. There were times I found myself actually laughing out loud, but other times when I gasped because of this play’s suspense. I can now say Hamlet is definitely one of my all time favorite characters. He is quite a witty and funny guy.

At the same time though, Hamlet is quite a tragic story. Of course I had to know this since it was written by Shakespeare, but still this play shocked me. I read this for school, but unlike most school-assigned literature, I actually enjoyed Hamlet. Continue reading