Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Review

51499Recommended for: fans of short and strange novels
Read from March 09 to 11, 2015


Spoiler Review here




Wow, was this a strange book! I actually knew a spoiler going into the novel. But, it wasn’t too bad.

I appreciated the way it was narrated, with Mr. Utterson. It was interesting to see someone else’s perspective. This book is so short! There’s not much I can say about it without totally spoiling it. Continue reading


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Review

223900Recommended for: people who like science fiction 
Read from February 24 to March 04, 2015


Spoiler Review here




I don’t really know what to say about this novel. I had to read it for my British Literature class, and therefore would have been fine had I not read it. This book is nothing like what the movie adaptations portray. And it was very very confusing, at least in the beginning when Victor was preparing to make the Creature. Continue reading

Cinder by Marissa Meyer Review

Recommended for:  readers who enjoy robot-like characters and “aliens”, and fairytale retellings
Read from October 07 to December 26, 2014


Spoiler Review here



3 or 2.5 stars…

It took me a very long time to finish this book. I don’t think I’ll be continuing the series.

I liked the idea of a fairytale retelling featuring Cinderella as a cyborg, but I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I picked up this book because of the numerous five star ratings it received from my GoodReads friends. To be honest, this book was quite boring to me. I didn’t really care about Cinder’s story. There were too many storylines occurring at the same time: the plague, Cinder’s struggle with her cyborg self,  Continue reading

Pretty Little Secrets by Sara Shepard Review


Image**This is a Pretty Little Liars collection novel**

Recommended for: anyone who really enjoys the PLL series and wants to read more about the characters

Read from September 29, 2012 to December 31, 2013


Not going to lie: This was a good book but if you’re not entirely obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars series and you think you need to read it in order to read the rest, don’t bother. This book was somewhat of a struggle for me as it was hard to be intrigued. Plus I read it after reading the 13th novel in the series, which makes it hard to read since it takes place between the 4th and 5th books. Anyway, a fun read but not entirely necessary. Probably a book to read if you’re looking for something with not a lot of plot.

What did you think of Pretty Little Secrets?