Local Barnes & Noble Closing

I just found out that the Barnes & Noble closest to my home is closing. This may not seem like a big deal, with most people buying books online these days, but to me it’s upsetting. This Barnes & Noble is the closest bookstore to my house. I don’t have any independent bookstores nearby. Sad day to be a bookstore lover.

Did this happen to anyone else? With the growth of book buying online, I’m afraid we’ll see a day with barely any bookstores, or none at all. I know big retail stores close all the time so I’m probably being very irrational about this whole thing, but after my local Borders closed, B&N was all I had (in terms of a traditional bookstore).

I wish there was an independent bookstore nearby as I love to support small businesses.

If you actually read this post thanks for reading my rambling thoughts. 🙂

Thoughts on bookstores (big or small) closing?


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