Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella Review

23305614Recommended for: people who like contemporary/are looking for a cute & short novel

Read from December 29, 2015 to January 05, 2016


Spoiler Review here


Finding Audrey is the first book by Sophie Kinsella that I have read, and I quite enjoyed it!

Not only was I lured in by the numerous five star ratings from my GoodReads friends, but also the fact that Finding Audrey is about a girl with anxiety disorders. Until this novel, I had not yet read a book with a main character that has an anxiety disorder. Having indirectly dealt with an anxiety disorder through a family member, I thought this book would be interesting to read.

Finding Audrey definitely lived up to my expectations in depicting anxiety disorders. It is interesting to see the way it affects Audrey’s family and friends. Although Audrey’s mom at times seemed a bit overboard about the whole video gaming thing with Frank, I really liked Audrey’s family. And of course I especially liked Linus. I think this book is a great contemporary novel that speaks about a mental illness in “light” ways, with multiple humorous scenes.

I liked this book a lot, so I rated it four stars. It was funny, interesting, cute, and serious all at the same time and I genuinely enjoyed it.

*Spoiler review above, sorry for the late post*

What did you think of Finding Audrey?


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