1984 by George Orwell Review

5470Recommended for: fans of dystopian novels—this is what they’re all copying!

Read from May 05 to 19, 2015


Spoiler Review here



If I hadn’t been assigned this book my second semester of my senior year of high school, I maybe would have read it more thoroughly. That said, I don’t feel right writing a review for 1984 because I feel like I’m cheating. But I also don’t like not writing anything after “finishing” a book.

So, of what I did read of this novel, I thought it was very interesting. I love the creepy premise of the government always watching you. I love that George Orwell wrote this book to creep people out and make them question authority. I know I have definitely been re-thinking a lot of aspects of my government lately due to this book.

1984 is just so weirdly entertaining. Winston is a great main character as he knows something’s up, but he feels conflicted as to how to go about his suspicions of the government. Given that this book was written in the 1940’s, it’s truly amazing the different concepts Orwell created in this futuristic society. I love everything about this storyline but I fear the day that the world becomes like this.

*Spoiler review above*

What did you think of 1984?



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