Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Review

84979Recommended for: lovers of 19th century England/Victorian novels; or just lovers of romance novels 
Read from March 15 to April 06, 2015


Spoiler Review here



I don’t know why it took me almost a month to write a review for this. I guess I kind of forgot…

I loved this novel. Jane Austen writes so beautifully. I love the way she writes her characters. The only thing about this novel that was maybe a little bothersome was the fact that sometimes it just felt like there was nothing going on. Each day the girls would go to a ball and gossip. Nothing would really happen. But eventually, some drama kicked in. I guess I’m just so used to today’s young adult novels with their constant drama. This novel is definitely realistic fiction in that way, since it depicts exactly how people’s lives were.

Elizabeth Bennet is a very lovely main character; I don’t know how anyone could dislike her. She’s very spunky and free-spirited, and I just love that. She’s not afraid to test the boundaries and be different.

And of course you have to love Mr. Darcy. Ugh, I just can’t handle this book. It’s so adorable.

I now know I definitely need to read more Jane Austen novels. (:

What did you think of Pride and Prejudice?


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