Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Review

51499Recommended for: fans of short and strange novels
Read from March 09 to 11, 2015


Spoiler Review here




Wow, was this a strange book! I actually knew a spoiler going into the novel. But, it wasn’t too bad.

I appreciated the way it was narrated, with Mr. Utterson. It was interesting to see someone else’s perspective. This book is so short! There’s not much I can say about it without totally spoiling it.

This book is just so strange that I feel if I had read this at the time it was published, I would have thought Stevenson was a weird guy. I mean really, who comes up with such a story?

I liked how this little book had a mystery feel and I actually liked how it was only 84 pages. The story was perfectly wrapped up and definitely did not need to carry on any longer (something many authors these days have yet to achieve).

So I guess this novel earns three stars, since it was short and to the point, and was somewhat interesting.

What did you think of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?



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