Hamlet by William Shakespeare Review

1434Recommended for: anyone looking for a good play full of revenge and humor (and tragedy…)

Read from January 22 to February 17, 2015


Spoiler Review here



I really liked this play. It is chock-full of witty and humorous remarks. There were times I found myself actually laughing out loud, but other times when I gasped because of this play’s suspense. I can now say Hamlet is definitely one of my all time favorite characters. He is quite a witty and funny guy.

At the same time though, Hamlet is quite a tragic story. Of course I had to know this since it was written by Shakespeare, but still this play shocked me. I read this for school, but unlike most school-assigned literature, I actually enjoyed Hamlet.  I became so immersed in Hamlet’s world, and I really felt for him. Not only was his dad murdered and mom married to his uncle, Hamlet had to deal with a ridiculously oblivious mother. (Gertrude seriously annoyed me).

If only King Claudius never existed! (Even though he is definitely not the only horrible person in this play…) It just made me sad to read Hamlet’s thoughts about life. He deserved a better one.

Shakespeare was an incredibly talented writer (well, obviously). After reading Hamlet, I now think I might want to venture into reading more of his work.

*Spoiler review available above*

What did you think of Hamlet?



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