Finding Grace by Alyssa Brugman Review

Recommended for: people interested by brain injuries, or rather an 18 year old taking care of an injured patient
Read from December 26 to 30, 2014


Spoiler Review here



4.5 stars

I quite liked this novel. I picked it up from my library purely because I saw the book’s spine and was intrigued. I’d never heard of it before, nor did I have any blurb on the book to read. I just read the first sentence, “Grace had a brain injury.” I was interested.

I really liked the main character, Rachel. She was just so quirky, like she calls herself. I could identify with her during a few chapters, and couldn’t help but smile when she would talk about her problems with blushing. It was so funny.

I believe this is the first book I’ve read where it takes place in an entirely different country: Australia. Some words in the book were a bit of a struggle due to me not being familiar with Australian lingo and such. Nonetheless I enjoyed reading about a character who lived there.

Rachel is so brave. I don’t know if I, at the young age of eighteen, would have voluntarily chosen to care for a brain-injured patient such as Grace. I would be terrified as I would have no idea how to go about caring for her. But Rachel balances school and caring for Grace at only eighteen! I liked how in the beginning of her job as Grace’s carer she totally forgot to take her from the bath and went on with her day. It was just so real, since she was only just getting used to taking care of Grace. I also enjoyed the scenes where Rachel dug through Grace’s “spooky box”. I wanted to know who Grace really was. It was fun to read her letters to others and the letters she received. Grace seemed to be such a character before the accident!

The other characters in this book were so real. Grace’s sisters, for example, are just crazy! But I can definitely picture them as real people. Same goes for Rachel’s mom, with her made up holidays and themes. She seems like such a great and loving mother. Mr. Preston has an admirable never-ending love and care for Grace, and Herb and Bill were such cute old guys.

Overall, I’m happy to have randomly stumbled upon Finding Grace, as it turns out to be worthy of 4.5 stars!

*Spoiler review above*

What did you think of Finding Grace?


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