Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard Review

(Book 2 in The Lying Game series)
Recommended for: lovers of mystery and murder, and fans of Pretty Little Liars
Read from December 17 to 29, 2014


Spoiler Review here



I am always so captivated by Sara Shepard’s writing. I forgot how much I love this series! I read The Lying Game back in March of 2013, so it was a little rough for me in the beginning of this book because I had forgotten most of the first book’s events. But I’m so glad I chose to continue the series because I just really love Sutton and Emma’s story! It’s so fun to follow Emma in her investigation. (I would even go as far to say I’m starting to like this series more than Pretty Little Liars, but those books will always hold a special place in my heart.)

I love Emma, because she’s so brilliant and determined. She was unwillingly thrown into Sutton’s life, and threatened to stay there, yet she does a great job at fooling everyone into thinking she’s Sutton. I still feel horrible for her though, since I wish she would have gotten to meet her long-lost twin after everything she went through. However, Emma deserves family and friends like she now has, whom Sutton was ungrateful for.

I really like the way these novels are written, because the readers get to follow Emma’s investigation and every once in a while are given a vivid memory from Sutton. It’s always interesting to read her flashback chapters. I also enjoy basically all of the main characters. Laurel is definitely a favorite of mine, as she’s so sweet and loving to Sutton/Emma. Madeline is such a loyal friend and Charlotte is sweet, too. And of course you can’t forget about Ethan! Especially since he’s the only one Emma can really be herself with.

Anyway, Sara Shepard always makes her novels ridiculously intriguing, and I can never get enough! There were some times in this novel where I read a sentence or two and thought, this sounds like something that happened in Pretty Little Liars, but it’s okay because I understand that both series have similar aspects so I can see why the two may run together with plot themes and such.

I am definitely going to continue The Lying Game series.

*Spoiler review available with the link above*

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