Popular by Maya Van Wagenen Review

Popular_comp9.inddRecommended for:  Everybody should read this. Everybody.
Read from October 14 to November 02, 2014






This is definitely a new favorite for me!

Maya Van Wagenen’s story is so unique and interesting! I loved every minute of reading this book. Honestly, the social experiment she conducted was so intriguing to read. I definitely recommend this book to everyone! It has for sure opened my eyes and mind quite a bit more. I would read a few chapters and just sit there and think about life. The lessons this book teaches are extremely important; I highly recommend this book, especially to those who feel they are struggling socially.

In the beginning, I thought this book might just teach you how to look and dress, things like that. But I’m so glad Maya’s story goes much deeper than that. By the end of this book I just felt so happy. I’m sure everyone who went to school with Maya will forever remember her and the impact she’s made. I wish I had a Maya in my school.

I just love the fact that Maya took a popularity guide from 1951 and applied it to her life currently. I loved learning about Betty Cornell; she seems like such a wonderful woman!

I can honestly say this book has changed my mindset, and I’m so glad Maya conducted this experiment. To know there are people like her in this world is truly enlightening. This book can teach everybody something. Thank you Maya and Betty for being truly inspiring people.

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