Legend by Marie Lu Review

9275658Recommended for:  fans of books involving plagues and dystopian societies
Read from October 03 to 13, 2014


Spoiler Review here



This was better than I thought it would be!

I knew I had to read Legend when I saw how many great reviews it received. So I picked it up and began reading. I had no idea this book would have to do with a plague, and to be honest I was kind of turned off by this because it makes me think of Fever 1793 which was not very fun to read….anyway….

I enjoyed the main character, June, a lot. She was very interesting as she was so great at solving mysteries. And Day was also an interesting character because he had similar solving abilities.

I didn’t really know what the plot of this story would be, but I actually ended up quite liking it. I thought it was intriguing that June is seeking to avenge Metias’ death, yet it is unknown who the killer is and the main suspect’s actual physical identity is unknown (that sounds really confusing but it makes sense if you know who I’m talking about…)

Even though Legend is what most would call a “dystopian” novel, I don’t think it is much like the ones I have read so far. It is quite unique. With that said, if you like books that involve a future dystopian America and a plot that has to do with a plague, read Legend.

*My spoiler review of Legend can be viewed with the link above.*


What did you think of Legend?


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