The Maze Runner by James Dashner Review

6186357Recommended for: fans of dystopia and action, and those intrigued by the synopsis
Read from September 02 to 25, 2014


Spoiler Review here


3.5 Stars

I really didn’t know what to rate this book, because I’m still not sure I really liked it. From the beginning, The Maze Runner didn’t entirely intrigue me. I mean, I just wasn’t getting the whole point for Thomas and the others to be at the Glade. I didn’t understand and it was kind of frustrating me.

But I appreciated James Dashner’s ability to create very vivid descriptions, however gross they sometimes were.

The Maze Runner is quite the story. Thomas and the other Gladers live in what’s called the Glade, and every day the kids are trying to find an escape from this place through the Maze. I will say I enjoyed how action-filled this novel was. I thought it was fun to read, especially because at the end of a chapter there would be a huge cliffhanger and the author would then pick up exactly where he left off in the next chapter. Most authors will make it the next day, or a few hours later, but in this book, almost all of the chapters started the second the previous chapter ended. I liked that.

I rated this novel 3.5 stars because I know it’s not my absolute favorite, but it was enjoyable.

*You can view my spoiler review of this book through the link above*

For the most part, this novel was interesting but it just wasn’t enough to truly grasp me. Therefore, 3.5 stars.

What did you think of The Maze Runner?


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