About a Boy by Nick Hornby Review

248420Recommended for: anyone who thinks the synopsis is interesting; it’s worth the read!
Read from August 16 to September 01, 2014


Spoiler Review here



3.5-4 stars

So this was the book I chose from a few options for my senior year summer reading. I was attracted by people saying it was comical, and that the synopsis sounded interesting.  When I started reading this book, I wasn’t very intrigued.  It was actually quite boring to me, to the point where if I didn’t have to read it for school, I probably wouldn’t have continued.

However,  About a Boy ended up surprising me. I quite liked it; I guess because it was such a simply realistic story of a young boy who’s having a hard time, and an older man who helps him out. I actually thought it was a sweet story. I admired Will for his weird personality, and how realistic his character was. He starts out thinking Marcus is just some weird twelve-year-old, and doesn’t want to be involved in his life. But then he realizes that Marcus is actually quite a great kid, funny too. And I don’t know, this just made me happy. Marcus needed someone like Will.

There were quite a few times I laughed out loud while reading this book, like when Marcus would explain how he just couldn’t help accidentally singing out loud, or the dead duck event. This book was quite comical.

And I especially enjoyed when Marcus and Ellie are on their way to Cambridge, so many good scenes occurred then.

*You can view my spoiler review with the link above*

Overall, I liked About a Boy and definitely recommend it, especially if you’re looking for a funny contemporary book.


What did you think of About a Boy?


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