Toxic by Sara Shepard Review

18599776Recommended for: anyone who liked the past 14 PLL books or is looking for closure from this neverending series haha
Read from June 08 to July 02, 2014

Spoiler Review here



I cannot believe there is only one more book of this series–for real this time!
So, much like all of the other Pretty Little Liars novels, Toxic is full of mysterious deaths and frustrating accusations. I knew this novel had to be an interesting one, considering where Deadly left off. There were a lot of events that occurred in this particular installment that had not happened in the previous books, that I can’t say I’m very glad had happened. Okay, how does everyone feel about this Agent Fuji lady? Because…yeah I’m not so sure about her.
This novel also included some different love interests for the girls, which is always cool to see.Alright well at the end of the day, I do not care how many novels Sara Shepard chooses to write about the Liars, I will read them all. It’s going to be truly sad to read the last novel in December.
But yay for Toxic being worthy of 4 stars (and no the 4 stars did not have anything to do with the fact that I was super excited about my NAME being in the book as a super minor character! AH still psyched about that! SO yeah go read Toxic!) (:

**One last thing, after I finished the book I saw an advertisement in the back, for, you guessed it, another Sara Shepard series. Yep, it’s real. It’s called The Perfectionists and sounds absolutely nothing like Pretty Little Liars….it’s okay Sara Shepard, I still love you.**

What did you think of Toxic?

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